Ice skating / Patinaje sobre hielo

I wanted to end this series of posts with a picture of our kids with their friends on the subway.  We were headed to the ice skating rink "My Way" in Belgrano for Charlie's birthday. Here is the link if you want to go ice skating here in Buenos Aires:  The boys had a great time ice skating together (and my husband and I had a blast also!). 

Yo quería poner fin a esta serie de posts con una foto de nuestros hijos con sus amigos en el subte. Nos dirigimos a la pista de hielo "My Way" en Belgrano para el cumpleaños de Charlie. Aquí está el enlace si quieren ir de patinaje sobre hielo en Buenos Aires: muchachos la pasaron muy bien patiando juntos (y mi marido y yo también!).

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what a great photo! happy birthday to charlie and nathaniel!!
i'm a devout follower of your blog! : )
Thanks Kathy! I will tell them you wished them a happy birthday. It was really great to have you here in Buenos Aires and our family was sad to see all of you go. I hope all is well in Seattle.
Hey Stacy~I didn't think to send birthday wishes through the blog until now. Please tell Nathaniel and Charlie happy birthday and I'll call this weekend to talk to them (and you!).
I will tell them-thanks!! They are really cute about the blog- they like knowing that you get to see what they are doing and often ask me to add certain pictures. Will has been on me to add the one of him alone on his horse at his equestrian class- he feels very proud of it :)